Brothers Landau

Smithfield Bargain


As you may or may not know, David and Daniel of the Brothers Landau play cello, guitar, other instruments, and their hearts out in another band called Smithfield Bargain which they formed a few years ago with the lovely and talented Sri Panchalam. After writing a song (Warm Whispers) during their first jam session, they knew they had something good on their hands.

The resulting collaboration is a unique, jazz spin on folk music rich with heart-bending vocal harmonies and a healthy dose of humor. Smithfield Bargain plays both as a sweet trio or an expanded troupe featuring LA’s finest, emerging jazz talent. Their finely crafted songs and charismatic, vaudevillian stage performance have earned them radio play on KPFK 90.7 FM’s “My Side of the City,” music video spots on, International touring, and shows all along the West Coast and the sunny Southern California music scene.

Smithfield Bargain released its long awaited “Buttonwillow EP” in December 2014. The EP, along with their first full-length album, “Pack up the Moon,” is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Bandcamp, and Spotify. Get hip with the band on Twitter @strikeabargain, Facebook (, or Instagram @smithfieldbargain.

Click on the links to learn a little more about what they’ve got going on in the SB realm!  CdBaby   Amazon   Bandcamp